The Mystery behind Squirting

The Big Mystery that eludes most women in their lifetime. The Bigger "O" or Squirting. This has been a two-day topic with a few acquaintances and believe me it was a discussion I wished I had recorded. One of the question was "How many women really experience such a rare wonder?" Surprising, only a handful … Continue reading The Mystery behind Squirting


Is Sex a want or need?

From time to time, there will be days when your hormones will be raging. to the point of losing all rational. it l feel as your little V is burning with need. Next thing you know, you send sending naughty text to your partner telling him as you desire. Things you never thought you would ever … Continue reading Is Sex a want or need?

How receptive is your partner to feedback in the bedroom?

Hello There, How are we all doing? I know that most of you were wrapped up in your lovers arm all weekend especially with this rain. Sweet, sweet, sweet rain! Anyways, today is not about rain but more about the importance of communication in a relationship. Specifically, providing feedback to your partner. This is definitely a … Continue reading How receptive is your partner to feedback in the bedroom?

Just a Thought

To all my wonderful Readers: A Friend shared this with me today: " Always remember to: Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably... And never regret anything that made you smile " Now I am sharing with you all. I hope it made you smile!

Why should I settle for less than I deserve?

I deserve the best there is to offer in any relationship and I refuse to compromise my happiness for less. Do not get me wrong, I am not looking a perfect guy. No, I am looking for someone who is willing love me and ride out any storm that comes our way. Someone who makes … Continue reading Why should I settle for less than I deserve?

The Sound of Music……….

Music has special powers. it is only thing that helps in every situation. Feeling sad, depressed or hurt....... "" in love, falling for someone or need to be reminded that love exist......... "" There is a song for everything.......... Music speaks what the heart or mind cant out into words. i recently listened to a … Continue reading The Sound of Music……….

The Crazy Things we do because of Love

Have you ever done some crazy stuff because you were "in love"? Like damage a boyfriend car because you thought he was cheating or Become the side chick to your ex because you are so in love and cant live without him. Come on ladies, what is point or thought process. Is it worth the … Continue reading The Crazy Things we do because of Love