Has romance died? 

Dear Readers, In 2016, I walk the streets, observe persons, listen in various conversations and engage in online conversations and it is sad. Today I am officially diagnosing that Romance has become a rare gem in this society. The last time I saw romance, was at dinner with my colleagues and a friend of mine … Continue reading Has romance died? 


How receptive is your partner to feedback in the bedroom?

Hello There, How are we all doing? I know that most of you were wrapped up in your lovers arm all weekend especially with this rain. Sweet, sweet, sweet rain! Anyways, today is not about rain but more about the importance of communication in a relationship. Specifically, providing feedback to your partner. This is definitely a … Continue reading How receptive is your partner to feedback in the bedroom?

Why should I settle for less than I deserve?

I deserve the best there is to offer in any relationship and I refuse to compromise my happiness for less. Do not get me wrong, I am not looking a perfect guy. No, I am looking for someone who is willing love me and ride out any storm that comes our way. Someone who makes … Continue reading Why should I settle for less than I deserve?

Killing a Strong Relationship!

Long time don't write! Well I am back. I was on a short sabbatical. Writers Block. Relationships! I love the idea. Think about it. Someone to talk to, someone to be yourself around, someone to love, someone to love you. A relationship to be should be as scared as marriage is considered. It is an … Continue reading Killing a Strong Relationship!

Option #2 in a Relationship

Hello there, Is it healthy choice for women to have an option 2 guys just in case their current relationship does not work out? In my honest opinion, it a farce. Why are you entering a relationship with thoughts of it ending? Don't we all hope for long term relationships, that will lead to children … Continue reading Option #2 in a Relationship

Communication is Relationships

As you know, I love to listen and observe. Through this, I started thinking about relationships. Why do relationships work and some fail. As usual I ask around. Some responses included lack of trust, lack of communication, lack of sex or good/fulfilling sex and financial stability. Over the next few days, I will be researching … Continue reading Communication is Relationships