It is Time to start living for me!

For two years now, I have stopped living. I stopped feeling and started not being me. If you know me, then you know that there was always one thing that always kept me going and that was love. I had the pleasure of knowing what true love partially felt like. It was amazing, it was … Continue reading It is Time to start living for me!


Spice up your life!

Bonjour Chérie, Miss me? I missed me too.... Anyways, I am back! Summer is HERE!! The Heat is On!! The stories I have heard, the things I have I heard, seen and maybe done.... Ladies & Gentlemen, I am curious, who has been living it up to spicing up themselves for 2017 sexually? Remember I … Continue reading Spice up your life!

Valentine Sex Positions!

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, So I was browsing online when I came across a very interesting article. There was no point in making long statement as image and description speaks volume. All I have to say is: This is my gift to you for V. Day and "Have Fun this Valentine"! Reference page:   … Continue reading Valentine Sex Positions!

Be strong!

Today is a very bleakly day but I'm thankful. Often times we take for granted the little things in life not knowing that one day it will all be taken from us soon or worse, unexpectedly.  I lived my life with fears, doubts, and regrets but one thing I tried my best to do was … Continue reading Be strong!