Valentine Sex Positions!

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, So I was browsing online when I came across a very interesting article. There was no point in making long statement as image and description speaks volume. All I have to say is: This is my gift to you for V. Day and "Have Fun this Valentine"! Reference page:   … Continue reading Valentine Sex Positions!

Has romance died? 

Dear Readers, In 2016, I walk the streets, observe persons, listen in various conversations and engage in online conversations and it is sad. Today I am officially diagnosing that Romance has become a rare gem in this society. The last time I saw romance, was at dinner with my colleagues and a friend of mine … Continue reading Has romance died? 

How To Control Your Sexual Urges

Hello Guys, I was browsing around for inspiration when I saw the article below and thought I would share. This article can be found and I give full accreditation to the following web address: Sex is interesting and wonderful, when done with the right person; but until then, it is necessary to keep our desires … Continue reading How To Control Your Sexual Urges