Be strong!

Today is a very bleakly day but I’m thankful.

Often times we take for granted the little things in life not knowing that one day it will all be taken from us soon or worse, unexpectedly. 

I lived my life with fears, doubts, and regrets but one thing I tried my best to do was enjoy life, love like there was no tomorrow and believe that there is always good in a person. 

I always believe that the worst of persons have a story and that sometimes they just need to be heard and not be judged. 

I always listen, I observe and I try to always be available. I love helping others. 

But who listens to me. Who hears my voice, my cries and my pain. Who observes me and not judge me. Who cares about me.
Through all my darkest moments and times, I stayed strong. I pushed through and turned away from the cliff that promises peace and solitude.

But it wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. But I won’t give up and I will push on. Life has a lot to offer me and I only need to embrace it.

So readers, believe in yourself, be strong, weather the storm and know that you have the strength to do anything you but your mind to. 

Have a super awesome day!!!


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