Has romance died? 

Dear Readers,

In 2016, I walk the streets, observe persons, listen in various conversations and engage in online conversations and it is sad. Today I am officially diagnosing that Romance has become a rare gem in this society.

The last time I saw romance, was at dinner with my colleagues and a friend of mine brought his wife. Myself and other ladies started to observe. He pulled her chair out! Yes I said it! I was in total shock. He was a complete gentleman the entire night. I thought these rare creature were extinct.

But who is to be blamed for the lack of romance that does not exist anymore in the world?

I believe women allow killed passion slowly by allowing men to degrade and disrespect them. Found it acceptable for men to do little things and think its ok.

Eg. Opening the car door, helping with little chores……

Men have forgotten how to court a women, how to approach her and how to make her feel special.

I wont just blame men, women have become do independent that they also lack passion. Another reason for your man to seek a side chick. Someone to appreciate him.


Why is it so hard to say what you feel? Why is it so hard to do someone nice once in a while? Sending a simple text saying “I’m thinking about you”.

Today, I challenge all of you!

Add a little romance and passion to your relationship.

Say what you mean!

Remind your significant other that you love them or care!

Time is of the essence and living with regrets is not a great feeling!



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