Oral Sex is Foreplay!

Oral sex has become the new form foreplay!

This is not a question or opinionated question, it is facts.

Most men and women are going down on their partners.

Which woman does not want their man’s tongue licking their clits while fingering her wet p88sy?

This is an era where oral sex is the norm and persons are embracing this.

I wont lie that this idea was taboo in my mind and for many years it eluded me.

Until one very fun and wasted night, when my partner and I decided to let loose and believe me I saw the stars.

It was a superb experience that I will always remember, the touch of his wet tongue massaging my lady parts and the ecstasy of the moment.

This may have been a few years ago but believe me I can still feel his tongue.

So ladies and gentlemen, what do you think? Oral sex or naa?

What was your most memorable tongue action?

Is it just me but there is an euphoric feeling of having his finger massaging my insides while his tongue massage my clit? Like orgasmic heaven?

I want to hear your thoughts!

As always, NAS was here!


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