A Second Chance at Love!

​I wrote this article almost 2years ago. It was an inspired article. I hope it inspires you to not give up and always embrace the idea of being in love. If I didn’t then the best parts if my life would never had happened.

I was asked to write a blog piece and initially I was excited because I love to write but when it came down to what to write I had a block and for weeks I could not get my words together.

For some days now, I have had one thought in mind and that was a second chance at loving someone. This is a situation that can go both bad and good. For now, I want to concentrate on the good parts of having a second chance at loving someone.

I saw an image quote the other day browsing the internet and it caught my attention.

second chance

Looking back at some situations where you met someone and the things that happened whether good or bad, maybe you and/or that person was not ready to start something so serious.

For many reasons such as:

  • Former Bad relationship
  • Personal problems
  • Immaturity
  • Career goals
  • And the list goes on

But while you were together for whatever time period that was, you found something in that person that no one could replace. Whether its how he/she makes you smile or that sense of safety & comfort with that person. However, you were just not ready for that next step.

I have a personal mantra when it comes on to relationships, “What is yours will always be yours”!

So if he/she is meant for you then nothing will keep them from you. I mean, even songs were written for this type of situation. My all time favorite, “Wait For You” by Elliot Yamin.

Anyways, back to second chances. I’m easily distracted by my music. So years pass by, you both sustain a friendship or “out of sight out of mind”; you try different relationships and hearts are broken.

Then one day, both meet up and ‘ole fire stick ketch fire again’. This time you are gonna give it a try and make this relationship work.

You know about the old mistakes, so you work on them. You know each other better, a little better even though it’s a new relationship. You Take time and know that person and let him/her know who you are.

I can’t stress this enough to my friends, COMMUNICATION is key if you want your relationship to work. You didn’t get a second chance to make the same mistakes, be smart and seize the moment. Love like its your last day to love that person! I know I will be doing that!

I love feedback and opinions. Share your thoughts and experience and until my next article.

NAS was here!


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