Memories Don’t Fade!

As a dedication to the one person who truly stole my heart.

**Dedication to Omardo Olando Graham for being apart of my life for five years and giving me the best three years of my life!

As I lay my head to sleep
My subconscious dreams of memories
Memories we created
Memories we cherish.

Everyday, I recall what we did and those moments that I enjoyed.
Moments I wish i could relive
Moments I yearn to feel again
Moments to never regain


Nights are worse for me
These are the times I miss you the most
The feel of my head against your beating heart
The touch of your lips against my lips
The nights entwined with you as we sleep.

You died
You left
You took my heart & soul
But you left the best memories of our lives to keep me alive!


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