What is L.O.V.E.?

Love is not just a word but a four letters that makes promises and vows to another’s heart.

With recent times, I have seen and heard these words being used loosely.
Whether to describes ones intense feeling for someone or something.
But it is rarely heard spoken for or with regards to its true intentions.
As an expressions of unspoken happiness, admiration and devotion to another.

What is truly love among two people?
Love is Loyalty, Openness, Very Trusting and Enduring!

Love is putting your partners need before yours.
However, never put their happiness before yours.
You can never love too much.

Long time ago, I learnt a very important lesson in love,
“If you always try to make your partner, then it will work out that you both will be happy”

“Never let the sun set and you have resolved that day’s issues”

Love is special, it is unique and it is rare.
It is complicated and it is an unfamiliar warmth within your body.

Share your thoughts on what love is for you!


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