Is Sex a want or need?

From time to time, there will be days when your hormones will be raging. to the point of losing all rational. it l feel as your little V is burning with need.

Next thing you know, you send sending naughty text to your partner telling him as you desire. Things you never thought you would ever speak of..

“Get home soon because I just showered and im wearing your favorite lacy with no underwear. Be here in five or ten at the most, and I’ll mak all your dreams a reality tonight”


Believe me this, I sent much more naughty text, much more graphic.

The point is however, you feel as if your need for sex feels as if your life depends on it.

sometimes to the point of considering cheating if your partner is not around or available.

This begs to wonder, is sex a need or want?

My next point, could a relationship  survive with bad sex?


financially and emotionally you are the great however, sexually you are frustrated and under pleased.

Does sex become a need or want in such a situation?

Well, it’s that time again, when i yearn for your comments and opinion.


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