Why should I settle for less than I deserve?

I deserve the best there is to offer in any relationship and I refuse to compromise my happiness for less.

Do not get me wrong, I am not looking a perfect guy.

No, I am looking for someone who is willing love me and ride out any storm that comes our way.

Someone who makes my heart skip a beat, some one who makes me smile because of some silly gesture. Someone who is not afraid to bear his soul to me because he knows I will not judge but love him more.

Persons enter relationship hoping to have good days all the time. Be realistic, that fantasy world does not exist.

I need to know we can have arguments and issues and curse for hours but in the end we have a understanding and a compromise is made.

Someone willing to be silly around me, be genuine, loyal and loving.


People make mistakes, so we have to be able to forgive and try again. But within reason. Don’t be fooled my promises to change yet it occurs every time you argue.

Second chances are sometimes a good thing. i can testify to that. My second chance allowed me to love wholeheartedly, gave me my beautiful daughter and a partner who was my soulmate.

So Love unconditionally, without limitations and give love because you want the other person t be happy and believe me, if both person live by these words, love can never die between you both.

These are my thoughts…………what are yours?


One thought on “Why should I settle for less than I deserve?

  1. LaNiqueLifestyle says:

    I totally agree with this post. You can’t have a perfect man, you can’t be perfect yourself. As long as at the end of the day your relationship is still healthy and you can communicate, that’s what matters.


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