The Sound of Music……….

Music has special powers.
it is only thing that helps in every situation.

Feeling sad, depressed or hurt…….”

in love, falling for someone or need to be reminded that love exist………”

There is a song for everything……….


Music speaks what the heart or mind cant out into words.

i recently listened to a playlist and believe me i was sad when i started but then I heard Neyo and I was reminded that I should never give up on Love………

Music can be therapeutic and helps to put things in focus.

If you are feeling lost and alone, I like the song below:”

What is your favorite song and what does it do for you?


3 thoughts on “The Sound of Music……….

  1. Ginger says:

    “When you are sad, you understand the lyrics, and when you are happy, you enjoy the music.” I read that quote somewhere and it is so true. I cannot comment a favourite song as I do not have a favourite, but there are many that evokes all kinds of emotions…. Laughter to tears.


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