Jesus Take the Wheel!

2016 has been a challenging year for me.

My new year gift was losing the one person I loved more than my daughter, her dad, my soulmate.

I wont lie, it hurt like hell. My heart literally broke. I didn’t tomorrow coming.

My world stooped and for weeks or months, i thought i was in a dream because I refused to believe he was gone.

I lost friends, I lost myself. I didn’t recognize myself.

Persons kept saying that I need to move on and accept the fact that life happens.

But honestly, how many person can say that losing someone so close, unexpectedly is easy.

Your best friend, your future, your heart beat.

No matter how messed up our lives are, no one can just move on like it never happened when every day you are reminded of the fact that he is no longer there.

But I heard this song, “Jesus take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood” and I decided I needed to pray.


Pray for strength to live each day for my little girl because I know that he would not appreciate what I some time contemplated.

Pray for hope of loving again in the future because without Love, who would I be. He once said that he admired my will to always see the best in the worst situation. How I could love him of all person.

Pray that God will take over and save me from this road I am on to a silver lining.

I now know that it wont be easy but I need to be willing o accept change and slowly heal my broken heart.

Thank you Omardo for always loving me unconditionally. You never gave up on me and believed in me!


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