His Moaning…..

So ladies

I saw this picture below and the memories started to invade my mind.

As you know, I just had to share! 

Do I need to say more….

Men always say that they love when we are noisy and how it turns them on some more right.

Guess what…I like those unexpected noises you make when I kiss behind your ears trailing down to your neck. Or the way you moan when I lick from your navel down to your sweet spot….oooohhhhh I can hear him now. …

The best part about it…..most times they don’t even realise that they are doing it.

So ladies….tell me about your men moaning and what it does to you…..


2 thoughts on “His Moaning…..

  1. tarnishedsoul says:

    For me, hearing a man moan means I’m doing something right. It encourages me to keep going and maybe even step it up. 🙂


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