Sex in the Rain!

Hey guys,

So I took a mini trip with fiends and co-workers this weekend.

Travelled up the falls and took awesome pictures. So persons even did zip lining.

It was a great day, music was awesome and the vibes was spectacular.

But while enjoying the day, mother nature decided to bless us.

The rain started and believe me the feeling was out of this world.

so here we are a group and fun-loving people swimming around the pool.

Rain starts………and the discussions begin.

Sex in rain……..hav you ever done it? Where?

Of course, how was it?

Guys, the feeling of the rain on your skin is enough to drive you crazy as it sensitize the skin and puts you in mood.


Also, all i could think about was having someone’s else hands all over me.

Adding the missing pleasure of having roaming hands all over.

Feeling their body up against yours.

The feeling of warm ips against yours.

Wanting to forget where you are and make your body one.

To hold on to him while we ……….. you get the idea right.

So tell me, what is your experience in the rain or in my case, your fantasy?


2 thoughts on “Sex in the Rain!

  1. tarnishedsoul says:

    I have always loved the rain. There is something incredibly r9mantic about the rain. The idea of it having a sense of no control – much like passion – is an intoxicating thought the overwhelms the senses.


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