Worst Sex Ever?

Hey guys,

Its has been awhile.

So a very interesting conversation started at work.

Worse sexual experience!

I can see your faces right now, trying to remember that horrid moment or times.

I am curious because I want to hear all about it.

One story shared was about a guy who boasted that he was gonna lay his pipes real good on the girl. I mean the way he talked about his skills, he definitely built up the anticipation and she was excited to find out.

When the day finally came around, and his pant fell, she saw only 3/4 of her pinky finger. She was traumatized. She wanted to laugh. However, based on the situation and also the location, she had to put on the performance of her life.

Guys, I am appall. What would you do in such a situation?

Anyways, get to typing because I want to hear about your experience.


3 thoughts on “Worst Sex Ever?

  1. DaSaint says:

    I have a few bad instances myself.

    Every guy knows that once you take a virginity that girl will forever remember you and in most instances its something that you would be proud about. This was not once of these moments.

    Sad to say had just met in a car accident. bruised and on crotches high on medication. A couple friends came to look for me and along with them came a girl who had been stalking me for some time now.

    This was the perfect opportunity for her to take advantage of me. later that evening I was in so much pain and I wanted to lay down, she readily volunteered to assist me, little did I know that she had something up her sleeve.

    Once I go to my bedroom she planted me against the wall and started to kiss me and the next thing I knew I was stroking away. At that moment pain did not matter because I was on a mission. While going at it she never made a sound nor did she reacted to my strokes. I’m not a small guy if you get my drift but I went harder and harder just so I could get a reaction from her, but nothing happen.

    A couple days later I got call, it was my stalker, she was upset that I didn’t call her and then she went on to say that I took her virginity. Shocked out of wits I said “that impossible” she said “why”, I said “because its felt like you had one too many encounters before”. I will deny every having sex with this girl and how she took advantage of me.


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