Lovers & Best Friend!

Hello Friends,

It’s been awhile. I’ve just been thinking a lot.

Maybe I need a Girls Night Out! Cocktail & Strippers!

Ok …. Calm down. Message me later and we can discuss this.

Today, I want to talk Lovers and Best Friend.

Can one person be both?

Is it just a fantasy or is it something that actually exist?

For a short while, I experienced that feeling and bond.

A lover & Best Friend. It was euphoric.

Not having secrets and bearing all to see. Not holding back and no fear of being judged.

It was serene. It was blissfully perfect.

But in life, all good things comes to an end.

Whether because someone made a mistake, someone pushed the other away, mistrust, or even death.

But I will tell you this, each and everyone of you should try to aim for being your partner’s best friend and lover.

It’s a beautiful bond to share and I believe once this is achieve, for that moment, you both will become one.

Your Heart will be in sync and True Love ……….True love will bring you through anything.



So my dearest friends and companions, is it possible to be lovers & best friends?

Have you ever experienced such a bond even  if it was short lived?

As always, I live for your comments…………





4 thoughts on “Lovers & Best Friend!

  1. keesababe says:

    My husband was my bestfriend long before he became my boyfriend. Fast forward to many years later and he still is my best friend..only now he is also my lover and the father of my kids. We can be goofy together, we share secrets, we prefer each others company to that of others and while we are comfortable around each other, the excitement is still there. We argue over silly things but can never stay mad at each other for long. We are not perfect but we were made for each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am glad I married my best friend… I hope that we will grow old together. He adores me and I love me some him!!


  2. Sue lee says:

    Yup, I certainly know that feeling. My husband has been my best friend for almost 7 years. He doesn’t go out if I am not with him. If you listen to us conversate you may be confused especially since we have the same nickname for each other ( it WasH the same nickname his grandfather use to call his grandmother). He said he has found the same love and friendship in me that he saw his grandparents shared and he thought the name was fitting. Awww I love this man. And I know I am his world.


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