Killing a Strong Relationship!

Long time don’t write!

Well I am back. I was on a short sabbatical. Writers Block.

Relationships! I love the idea. Think about it.

Someone to talk to, someone to be yourself around, someone to love, someone to love you.

A relationship to be should be as scared as marriage is considered. It is an important bond between two people. Relationships facilitates LOVE. Love is a rare gem. It is a candle of hope in these dark times.

Relationships are never perfect or easy. They just take effort, willingness, communication and trust.

As I said, no relationship is perfect. Every once in a while there will be obstacles and challenges. However, over time some things become unforgivable, too much to handle or put under the rug. Some things will destroy a strong relationship.

Which one of these will kill a strong relationship?

  • Misunderstanding
  • Doubt
  • Ego
  • Attitude
  • Reminder of past mistakes

Can’t wait to hear from you.


One thought on “Killing a Strong Relationship!

  1. illuminatedliteration says:

    Interesting post. I think any of the of the things you listed can kill a relationship. In fact, I know they can because I have had relationships end due to all 5! If two people have patience they can really fight all of the relationship killers.


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