Option #2 in a Relationship

Hello there,


Is it healthy choice for women to have an option 2 guys just in case their current relationship does not work out?

In my honest opinion, it a farce. Why are you entering a relationship with thoughts of it ending?

Don’t we all hope for long term relationships, that will lead to children and marriage and turning 50 together.


Having an option 2 guys is only setting the way for possible cheating and unwillingness to fix issues in your relationship.

Think about, you and your partner are going distant because he working extra hours for the last few months. You have told him about this however not much as changed. This leaves you feeling lonely and unappreciated.

Option 2 guy now steps in and does the little things you are missing. You feel appreciated. Next thing you know, you don’t miss the partner’s absence and you even contemplate giving up or cheating.

Is it really worth it? Jeopardizing your current relationship because you couldn’t bother to try harder? For what? A days of entertainment and fun, to feel appreciated?


Ladies, every relationship will have its ups and downs. Nothing will ever be easy. There will be obstacles. But you have be strong and willing to ride out these storms.

Relationships should be sacred and taken serious. Always weigh your Options. Do you really want to give up on a 3 year relationship just because you are feeling unappreciated.

Ladies, What do you think about option #2 in the relationship?


4 thoughts on “Option #2 in a Relationship

  1. tarnishedsoul says:

    I think I agree with your argument here. Certainly don’t give up on a good relationship; but if you are considering an option 2, maybe option 1 isn’t a good relationship.


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