Happy Father’s Day!

Hey guys,

Today is oficially Father’s Day! A day to celebrate the great men in this world because they are the have ones to stick around for their children.


Also, it’s a day to remember the GREAT DAD that has passed. Especially my little Nini dad. My soul mate and one of the best dad ever.


Nothing was ever too good for his little girl. He even had plans for her before she was even born. Tomboy, Mechanic and Engineer. She was going to be his second hand. He loved her. You could see the love based on how he looked at her. The way he away held her and how he fell asleep with her on his chest.



A dad’s love is unconditional and amazing. One in a million. A dad is the first love in a girl’s life. Nohing can replace this.2016-02-14 14.57.51



My dad is one of the best. I never had a doubt about his love for me. He is always there for me.



My favorite memoy of my dad is that he always spent the weekends with us doing great stuff like going to the beach and going different places.

So guys, what is your most memoable moment with your dad???


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