How adventurous are you in the bedroom with toys?

Hello there,

Just a disclaimer, article is rated PG!

So it would appear that we have evolved from the norm of missionary and doggy style in the bedroom.

I blame 50 shades of grey. I won’t lie, these ideas floated around in my head but when it went from books to big screen (disappointed film) I realized that the sex was evolving. I know i have.  I mean my future house is gonna have a “Red Room”!

Anyways, the thought occurred to me last night or this morning, I think, how have toys been incorporated into our sex lives.

Thinking about it, I decided to do some research into the matter. I can tell you this, it was surprise.

With no further delay, my top five pleasure devices:

  1. Dildo/Vibrator
  2. Bondage
  3. Tongue Dinger
  4. Bullets
  5. Whips

So these five devices peeked my interest.

Dildos and vibrators are no strangers, as a matter of fact, it’s a girl’s best friend. It got my interest because now they are in different shape, size and colour. They are even using real men to create this device with muscle structure and veins. Whew! I am getting a bit hot here. But you get the idea right.


What I want to know however, ladies, have a dildo or vibrator EVER did a better job than your partner?
I can’t wait for comments!

Bondage! Being tied up in different way while having sexual intercourse. Can you imagine, lying on your back, feet over your head, spread wide and tied to our hands and then tied to the bed post. Exposed to your lover in an erotic way. All that is going through your mind is his cock deep inside you.

Woow. I could write an eroctica. But that is the consequences of reading 50 shades of grey almost 16 times. My point here is simple, if you like to spice up your bedroom and add a little kink to it, well bondage might be option.


Just a thought tho, Oral sex would be AWESOME in this position.
Would you try bondage with your partner?

This one really got me … Tongue Dinger. I was lost too………after doing some google search, I was educated. So the Tongue Dinger is a new adventure twist to Oral Sex. So the male will put the device on his tongue, turn on the vibration and head south to the female homeland. That must feel close to what Heaven feels like.


I’m curious, would you let your partner try a Tongue dinger on you?
I Know I would!

Bullets. Little stimulus or foreplay helpers. I personally hate them. Well that’s a lie. I like them when they are being used on me by my partner. Great memories. Anyways, back to me not liking them. Using them to relieve one’s tension is crap. I mean all those little f@#$er do is get you even more horny and bothered. I don’t feel relieved; I feel even more frustrated. My opinion that is. But I am quite intrigued that people come up with different shape and size bullets which have proven effective for most women.Mini-font-b-Bullet-b-font-Vibrator-For-Women-G-Spot-For-Massager-Clit-font-b

So ladies, are they really effective or do you agree with me and they are waste of horniness?

Finally, something I am trying to wrap my head around. How does cracking a whip against my skin while penetrating me from behind a turn on for me? Then again, thinking about it, whipping vs spanking are almost the same. Desire & pain….I can never understand how the two during sex is such an euphoric feeling.


Saying this to say, I have no experience with whips; so tell me how what are your views?

I’ll end and say this much, writing this was fun an educational. Also its PG Rated!


9 thoughts on “How adventurous are you in the bedroom with toys?

  1. sim1 says:

    While I am all for trying stuff….I will never let someone tie me up….I can appreciate a man telling not to move or how to set and I will be obedient (or try real hard to be)….penetration is the best…. Everything else is just an add on


  2. keesababe says:

    Sadly I have zero experience with toys…its a wonder I’ve been married for so long… But I digress… I would love to try a tongue dinger… Maybe I should get him one..hmmm. I’m a freak but only in my head. I would never do the bondage stuff though. Whipping I’d try but if he hits too hard there would probably be a war😡 so probably not…


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