Communication is Relationships

As you know, I love to listen and observe. Through this, I started thinking about relationships. Why do relationships work and some fail. As usual I ask around. Some responses included lack of trust, lack of communication, lack of sex or good/fulfilling sex and financial stability.

Over the next few days, I will be researching more into these and my opinions of course. At different points, I will love to hear yours.

What really got my attention was a quote I read and it said,



” When asked how they managed to stay together for 65 years, the woman replied, “We were born in a time where if something was broke, you fixed it …… Not throw it away.”.


Make sense right. They survived 30, 40 or even 50 years together. They weren’t happy every single day but they loved each other. They argued, they cursed, they fight but at the end of the day, they talked about it and make amends. Came to some agreement or compromise on both side.

In present day, he/she makes a mistake, firs thing to do is get revenge or end the relationship. No one hardly tries to listen, talk about it, find the root cause and try to fix it. How can you go from loving someone for years and just give up after one mistake or fight.

No one communicates anymore. No one gives the other the benefit of the doubt. No one gives second chances. Find the root cause and try fix things.


So she lied to you about her whereabouts or why she is talking to her ex.

Is it ok assume he/she is cheating?

Don’t get me wrong, if the mistakes are frequent and recurring, then leave because obviously they won’t change. if the abuse is emotional or physical and frequent get out. Its not worth it. Yes it will hurt for awhile but better is always out there.

So my fellow readers, my question to you is,

How important is communication in your relationship?

Do you talk to your partner? Get to really know them?

Make sacrifices to ensure their happiness but not the cost of yours?


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