Small or Large?? 

Hello Friends,

Last night was interesting. My friends and I were talking about sex. The topic of discussion was small penises. In the case of a guy with a small penis, if he is unable to perform, should he try to make up for it by performing Oral sex?

This piqued my interest. My friends were all for this. If he is unable to perform with his tool then improvise and use his lips and tongue. The twist to this was I am not a fan of oral sex.

My team mate went on to ask, what would I do in the situation? Would I be in a relationship with a small dick guy? You are all gonna think I’m crazy with my answer.

So I told him that if he is unable to please me, oral sex would not be enough. Come on its just his tongue. He will only be massaging my bottom lips. However, it could work if he uses a strap on however then that would work. I please him and he please me. Will the relationship last … maybe a few months. A girl loves raw penetration. Most women would not agree with me but I believe using all available options plus I loved 50 Shades of Grey.

What if it was a 10-13 inch cock? Basically, sex with him always leaves a few bruising. Hey, I am all for the rough sex and multiple orgasms once or twice a week but I need to be able sit and be comfortable. So I opt for sex possible five days and let him have rough way with me possible twice a week and moderate orgasmic sex for me the other three and rest days of course. Hey, I am not a rabbit.

So my question to you, are these the basis for long relationships or just short term exciting sex relationships?

I want to hear your thoughts.

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15 thoughts on “Small or Large?? 

  1. keesababe says:

    If a man with a small penis knows what he is doing and which position to use on his woman, he should be fine. I have heard that no penis is too big or too small… One just has to search for the matching vagina. Ppl should start ti be honest before they start having sex. That was there will be no shock when the dirty deed is done. Let her know you have a teenie weenie… Let him know you dony have the little n cute etc. If the sex isnt good..the relationship will be a short term one… Unless your like a hundred and all you need is conversation. By the way I want a moderate size cock not too small or too big. I am fine with the one I have now… Its just right.

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    • nicolaaneis says:

      I agree to some aspect of this. Men will never disclose they have small cock. Ego is an issue for them. Women like ourselves will feel sorry for them and breakup with them without telling them the truth. Well some women. I’ll prefer a decent size with adventure

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  2. Reeses says:

    I am kinda in agreement with you oral sex won’t make up for a small penis well not for me at some point I am going to get bored and the relationship will eventually fail because I may end up cheating on him. On the matter of a 10-13 wow it’s getting hot in here if a guy knows how to handle himself and how to please his woman I seriously doubt briuising will be an issue. So we can surely switch it up ain’t nobody wanna make love all the time.

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  3. sim1 says:

    While big is good and necessary sometimes… It is not for everyday use…Lol….an average size (7 or 8 or even 9) is great all day everyday! For the smaller sizes, oral sex would be a plus….if its small and stiff, it can be effective…. Big and soft is definitely a no no…


  4. keesababe says:

    Big and soft should be the worst thing in the world. Not even oral I would want. I would be so mad. Little n stiff I could explore with until I either get used to it or walk away… But big n soft get me dark and ignorant.


  5. Mrs Witter says:

    I so agree…oral sex leaves a void that can only b filled by penetration…. A big cock is not necessary cuz I can only accommodate 6 inches at this time.. So what you gonna do with the remaining inches?


  6. MissBee says:

    Come on now, as I was reminded earlier today, “Ever hoe have dem stick a bush”. I am all for the bigger the better, just make sure you come your prerequisite skills as in how to use your tool. I wnat to know that when I have sex I feel and is reminded that I just did it. It should not be a figment of my imagination, but a walking, feeling reminder that you were just inside of me. I want to be constantly reminded of what I have physically. I SHOULD not easily forget you. Right? Small dicks need love too, but not from this HOE. 🙂

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  7. ChampionCamm says:

    I agree oral sex is not a replacement for penetration, but it can help the satisfaction process. Imagine a cock which gives no pleasure and the guy is also not into oral?
    To answer your other question, size indeed does NOT matter, it’s all about being able to handle it well. I personally prefer smaller length cocks tho; 5-7 inches. 🙂


  8. illuminatedliteration says:

    Great topic. I wouldn’t dismiss a man because he had a small penis. In fact, a long time ago I was dating a guy who was “smaller” and he was so confident and good at making up for the fact his penis was on the small side that it didn’t bother me one bit. I have also been with guys who were larger and had no idea how to pleasure a woman and that is just flat out torture. I think it’s all about the man and how much HE CARES about the woman getting hers.


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