The Way I See You

An acquaintance in the shadowSomeone I admired from afarSomeone off limits but always had a lingering thoughtYou were just there Now the tables have turnedYou finally said hiFinally said what I only dreamt you wouldNo longer a lingering thoughtBut simple text away Now i anticipate our next encounterI long for your kissI long to feel […]

What’s your view?

This is a question that most person ask, not realizing that there are still a few ppl who do this. People flirt, say things but the respect their partner. Being loyal is easy if you love your significant other. Know yourself and set expectations.

Secret life of a Nympho

I have been thinking about him all day. Anxious to see him again.I sit at my desk and I can remember last night, us sitting in the park talking, kissing and touching.His touch…. I still remember how wet he made me … a simple touch of fingers,  kisses on my neck and light touched over […]

A girl searching for love….

I’m a simple old fashion girl. Simple things makes me happy. Your time, attention and appreciation. I’m not hard to please, Appreciate the simple things in life. Walk on the beach, watching sunset in the park Going to the movies, football matches (yes, I’ll pretend I understand what happens) Once I’m with you, I’m happy. […]

Best Sleeping Habits

Hello dearies, Its been a while. Today is all about keeping the romance alive in the bedroom. 1. Wear something easy to remove, comfortable and sexy. Make the work of your partner easy to peel off your clothes to reveal naked you. Yummy lingerie, loose boxer. Sleep naked for best results 2. Brush your teeth […]